Does Your Foundation Wear Off Too Fast?

Perfect Finish Setting Spray

Perfect Finish Setting Spray by Aura

Set Foundations and cheek colors with Perfect Finish Setting Spray.  It’s perfect for any foundation, mineral powders and mineral foundations.  It helps keep them in place all day.

and comes in a handy little spritzer bottle (1.7 fl oz).

Liquid Professional Face Powder is used on models under hot lights all day long with no talc.  It’s totally invisible and helps make-up stay put while cutting shine.

Mineral Powders are designed to stay on but you can lengthen their stability by using Face Canvas or even our Eye Makeup Sealant in a mascara tube to create eyeliner from mineral powders and other powdered shadows.

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New TRC Skincare Products

TRC Revolution in Skincare

Aura Cosmetics introduces TRC   5 new skincare products designed to turn back the clock on aging conditions.  These products include:

1. Total Age Corrector:

2. Clarifier/Radiance Restoring Normalizer

3. Eye Serum/Illuminating Contour Lift

4. Refiner/Smoothing Age Perfector

5. Redensifier/Firming Nourishing Repair

How to contact Linda at

Linda Rocheleau

Sometimes people don’t wish to order over my website using the secure shopping cart or Paypal.

Linda is generally in and out all throughout the day Monday through Sat.  9-5 Pacific Coast Time.

“With so many spam calls and wrong numbers, most calls are screened, so please leave your name and return phone # slowly and clearly.  Linda can return your call right away if just away from the desk boxing mail orders or in the color studio.  Phone # is on About Us page on site.

Linda cannot return your call if you don’t leave a clear message so no need to talk fast.  Please leave your name &  phone # slowing plus a good  time to call you back in your time zone/state.

E-mail Us is also on the top of Homepage.  Remember to include your name & phone # and a good time to call.  or use: Do not put your charge card # in an e-mail but you can write down the items you are interested in or sample names you wish to try.

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Aura Cosmetics  26848 Downing Ave.  Kent, WA 98032

owner:  Linda Rocheleau

Applying Blush Correctly

Applying blush is easier than you think! Use a soft brush like our contoured cheek brush with the shorter end facing upwards. Start blush on your cheek bone right up near the ear and sweep curving to about an inch from nose (We are already pink enough in the center of the face) Practice first with you eyes closed and nothing on the brush so you can feel your bone just under the skin. If blush goes on too heavy and scares you then read below:   Such as Crushed Apricot Blush

a. You don’t want blush up too high or too low or all the way to your nose, just follow the shape of your own cheekbone.

a. If blush is too strong or too dark on you, you may need to go to a softer color especially if you are fair skinned or mature.

b. Blush may be the wrong colortone for your skin (blush should look like you only better after light exercise) Check our our 4 Seasons color selection to find colors most natural to your coloring. 

Blush for warm or cool tones [My cheeks are naturally lavender pink (cool) My friend blushes bronzey tan (warm) and my niece a light coppery pink (warm) tone]

c. You may be using the wrong brush size. Perhaps the brush is too large or too small to fit your cheekbone. A tiny person can use a small blusher while a larger person needs one at least 1 ½ inches wide to blush in one or two strokes. Dabbing on blush makes it look blotchy.

d. If blush leaves a hard edge, try using our bamboo goat hair blush brushes. They are extra soft to leave no edge lines. If I apply too much blush I just use a tiny dab of foundation on a sponge wedge and ‘gently’ stroke downward to lift off a little color.

e. Never apply blush up near your brow or down below your cheek bone. It is O. K. to dust a bit onto your forehead and tip of chin.

Aura Cosmetics has a press release

Just click here to see press release:

p.s. We have a replacement for Proactiv as seen next to press release that is less drying and comes in a larger size called AHA/BHA Cleansing Mousse that is most effective for oily blemished skin.

Transformations Unltd selected for several achievement awards for Color & Image work in Kent, WA.

 We’ve been selected each year by the US Commerce Association (USCA) since 2010.

I am pleased to announce another achievement award for and Transformations. In prettiest one was in  2010.  2017 was singled out.  Both are owned by Linda Rocheleau

I’m sure that your selection as a Award Winner is a reflection of the hard work of not only yourself, but of many people that have supported your business and contributed to the subsequent success of your organization. Congratulations on your selection to such an elite group of small businesses.

The USCA “Best of Local Business” Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

Also, a copy of the press release publicizing the selection of Transformations Unlimited is posted on the USCA website. USCA hereby grants Transformations Unlimited a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, distribute, and display this press release in any media formats and through any media channels.

Transformations consultants use  Makeup to find your best colors on your face and how to apply.

Gray Eyebrow Pencils for Women over 50!

Older women want great eyebrows, too!  Pass the Word…

Leigh Grogan, columnist at the Sacramento Bee Newspaper locates hard to find Cosmetics.  She wrote about us in her article on hard to find medium gray eyebrow pencils to replace the discontined Maybelleine gray eyebrow pencil. sells a pencil called Charcoal Mineral Eyebrow Pencil  that is a nice warmed dark gray with a soft tip that  is easy to apply.  Hold it like you would a pen at an angle and making short strokes going the direction hairs grow..

If your hair is pale silver or white, we have two light gray pressed powder shadows that double as brow powders with tiny brow brush included.


Some women prefer to use or combine Gray Eyebrow Powder  with our  charcoal pencils.   


*For darker brows, we have a Gray Pro Eyebrow Pencil that’s darker than  our newer Charcoal Mineral based Brow Pencil.

Eyebrow Accessories:   Aura Cosmetics also carries a clear sealer called Brow Fix to keep brows in line plus a clear Brow Wax for Brows.

What are ‘Warm’ Make-up Colors?

Aura Cosmetics come in so many colors that we organized them into 4 color groups.   Two colors groups are ‘Warm’ (that is to say they have a Golden Yellow or Amber cast in the basic colors) 

Warm Colors are often referred to as Autumn or Spring colors.

‘AUTUMN COLORS’  Think hot spices, earthy bronzed tones and autumn leaves .  Very warm Autumn Colors are rich and warm and often muted (which means it took three or more colors blended together to make a hue)  Winter colors are firey like Tomato & Brick Red,  Saffron & Egg Yolk Yellow, Coral, Cinnamon & Tabasco.  They are also rich & elegant like Ivory tusks, Jade, Green Teal , Green Turquoise,  Dijon Mustard,  Maple, Topaz & Garnet & Peacock Blue.  Many Autumn colors are muted like Bordeaux, Pumplin, Salmon, Salmon Pink,  Mulberry, Pea Green, Moss, Tan, Tea, Cordovan, Mahagony, Marine Blue (greenish cast) Pewter, Olive, Khaki, Pine, Avocado & Olive Green.

‘SPRING COLORS’  Think of colors at the equator, mediterranean blue, aquamarine swimmining pools, & lots of clear sunshine,  flower colors like Periwinkle, Daisy, Sunflower, Cornflower, sherbet colors like Lime, Tangerine & Orange.  Spring colors are cheery yellow based colors like Beige, Apricot, Champagne, Coral Pink, Dusty Pink, Peach, Light Coral Red, Chocolate, Hot dog Mustard, Kiwi, Kelly Green, Cadet Blue & Sunshine Golden Yellow. 

Warm Colors do NOT have silver-gray in them.  All Warm colors always blend with Gold & Ivory Beige.

What are ‘Cool’ Make-up Colors?

Aura Cosmetics come in so many colors that we organized them into 4 color groups.   Two colors groups are ‘Cool’ (that is to say they have a Blue or Violet cast in the basic colors)  There are also two ‘Warm’ color groups that have a Golden or Amber cast in the basic colors). 

Cool Colors are often referred to as Winter or Summer colors.

‘WINTER COLORS’  Think Cold Snow, Icy Water & Gray Black Sky.  Very Cool Winter Colors are Hi-Contrast, Vivid & Bold with hints of Violet & Cobalt Blue like Blue-Blood Red, Icy-Pink, Mauve, Magenta, Fushia.  Winter colors include icy pastels & blue-base high contrast colors like black & white, Deepest Navy, Blue-Red,  Deepest Amethyst,  Deep Emerald & Evergreen,  unpripe Banana & Royal Blue,  Burgundy, Silver & White Gold & Platinum as seen on our Winter Wardrobe Color Chart #1.

‘SUMMER COLORS’  Summer colors are cool like an ocean breeze:  Think of a cool blue lakes, baby blue sky,  lots of pastels & soft, powdered colors:  Lavender, Soft Powdered Magenta, Raspberry,  Powder Blue,  Light Silver Gray,  Pastel Green & Blue Spruce,  Cocoa & Soft Lemon-Banana Yellow, Pastel Mauve, Petal Pink Rose, Blue Gray,  Silver & White Gold & Platinum.  Many Summer colors look like Winter colors but with baby powder sprinkled over them in a soft mist.   

Cool Colors include very few yellows and all of them look like lemon,  unripe banana or lemon-lime.  They do have a lot of blue, blue gray, gray and silver in them. 

Cool colors do NOT have any orange, tangerine, peach, coral, mustard, bronze, true ivory or gold in them.